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Ultimately though the winner in these occasions is not just the team that lifts the trophy but the women’s game as a whole that benefits from the final, with 23,000 spectators the profile of the sport has been raised and it will take more than a little rain to douse the feel-good factor that will be spreading across English Women’s football tonight.One of my main concerns was how to find the ideal role for Lionel Messi, it would have been a huge shame to waste such a talent. I seem to have found the right place for him after all, he scored 19 goals in 20 appearances, but the most pleasing thing was that no less than 13 different players had found the way to the back of the net during the 22 competitive games that I played.But I’m fit again now and I’ve managed to play four games on the run. But now I think I have to get back to my best form and push myself even harder because there is stiff competition for places in the team and wait my turn to feature again. Then it was time for the presentation. Man of the series, man of the match, a word with the two captains, but then the big one. The presentation of the Ashes. Michael Vaughan laps up the applause, accepts the congratulations, then lifts the most ridiculously small trophy up to the heavens. He can just about manage to get both of his hands onto it, this ten inch wooden urn containing, it is believed, the charred remains of a cricket bail. Cricket purists will shoot me down for this statement, but it did seem to lessen the enjoyment of winning, seeing such a miniscule trophy.
With fantasy football draft season fast approaching, I’m sure many of you are slowly, but surely beginning to scour the web for expert fantasy advice as we prepare to put our friends and co-workers to shame.

  As we all know, the NFL has becoming a more passing oriented league, and fantasy football drafts have reflected that, with quarterbacks being drafted very early. The signal-callers we all expect off the board first are Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning, but what if you’re aren’t fortunate enough to snag of those guys?

  Well, you might want to take a look at last season’s rookie sensations – Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and the Colts’ Andrew Luck.

  The careers of both quarterbacks will forever be tied at the hip–even in fantasy football.

  Picking between the headliners of the 2012 NFL Draft is no easy decision, but was gracious enough to give us a categorical break down of the two.

  The duo was compared in 11 different categories with Griffin III having the advantage in six.

  Now a few categories like Twitter following and television coverage have little impact on fantasy production, so when you look at just the on-field factors, the two are about dead even.

  According to’s collection of analysts, the former Heisman winner trumps Luck in his rushing (such a shocker) and has advantages at running back, offensive line, and coaching staff.

  Luck on the other hand bested Griffin III in passing, longevity (durability), and was given the advantage at wide receiver and strength of schedule.

  Nothing out of the ordinary here, but the most intriguing category may be their passing numbers.

  Yes, Luck did throw for significantly more yards than Griffin III, but only threw three more touchdowns on over 230 more attempts and also managed 13 more interceptions than his counterpart, a fairly significant gap.

  The debate over Luck and Griffin III will go on for as long as Manning vs. Brady if not longer. It’s always best to go with your gut, and if you’re faced with this decision on draft day, you probably can’t go wrong with either guy, but I’ll leave you all with one last thing to chew on.

  In’s fantasy point system, Griffin III finished last season with 317.50 total points to Luck’s 276.46 while missing one full game and a few portions of other games, while Luck started and finished all 16 games.

  Good luck on draft day!

  By Washington Redskins Jerseys